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tv   RT News  PBS  February 25, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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one will who will the eye probably not on our team. in response to the essays mine in brazil plans to create an internet link. that doesn't rely on the us the underwater cable would hurt sales in europe. way less surveillance of brazil's the nikkei said. one that i had. and after class kids ate the plastic trees future was uncertain. the nation remains divided in support of
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parliament's recent political changes after the removal of the nation's president. look at the situation in ukraine coming up. yes that were close its planetary neighbor mars has a surprise for us he insists have captured images suggesting that our water. could this be a blue streak humans hoping to land on mars. in the javelin at the red planet leader and cattle. barry twenty nine yet here i want to be seen. i'm liz wall when you're watching rt america. the begins today and with any new sites again fantasy snooping. this one is green brazil and the european union together literally connecting the two regions of the below. the group's just announced an agreement in brussels to build an undersea communications cable. these are the submarine cables that
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currently carry internet traffic around the world the proposed under water in it but it looked like against traveling under the depths of the ocean from lisbon portugal for delays and brazil. the line could reduce the country's reliance on us cable after word got out of nsa spying on international leaders including our allies brazilian president them every step has been vocal about respecting privacy rights here she is speaking about the issue yesterday. i need you. the afl i believe this policy that memaw and opted to cut me away he said the sole make every family contamination has two pineapple juice. we will be keeping his nation called to be just the idea was that they didn't want to say relations between our countries. the cable is estimated to cost one hundred eighty five million dollars it's another example of the fall out after leaks from
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former nsa contractors where it snowed and revealing a master government spying program. i was joined earlier by political commentator sam sachs who filled us in on the latest with this underwater cable. here is kind of coalition of countries that are being spied on. the us has for a while been the chief administrator of the world wide web. if you look at it but one of the traffic is a character by u s tech companies a lot of the infrastructure this fiber optic cables are you sure that your internet traffic around the world. one of them run through the united states the us has been cutting his defacto up the ministry of the year which has been a big problem for all these countries in us. what is basically a pretty good. this was a good role for the citrus often preached of openness minute and again censorship but since he's an essay disclosures it's completely reverse several in the world is seeing that of the united states as well as its up my buys partners the spine partners uk
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australia new zealand canada had been abusing this role is in the bin in mainstream internet and or spy on his legitimate targets but entire domestic populations and species countries are members of the five guys that have been spied upon like brazil they're trying to forge connections of their own to come to carve the united states and and and other spying allies out of the world wide web yet know what they're upset about it we see that they're taking action. i was doing some research on this inside. some people skeptical that this is really going to stop the nsa spying if they really wanted to. many intercept these lines a day if they wanted to get ahold of the information i mean if they spent millions of dollars on that a guarantee and the teacher supply shirts like these here of course to tap into a fiber optic cable right in your own backyard and that's where a lot of these cables were in india since we know that the uk is doing this up a lot that is coming right in the cup tables that are running off the coast of new kind of sucking up huge amounts of writing sharing
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with them is that i never know what i can see we had the nsa could send us submarines in the middle of the atlantic ocean find this new one hundred eighty five million dollar table or something. the building in top right into it and it's been documented going all the back to mid nineties when the internet that can use fiber optic cables are proliferating around the world that the nsa was experimented with doing just that doing exactly that the same for the activity of going to the dog in the ocean and putting secret ops and his new stable wall place that hurdle baguettes of the nasty as the sun doesn't some leaders speaking out against the sky in the nsa spying under the revelations from the former nsa contractors brits noted the obvious building of the news this fiber optic cable receiver this is one step. what are the others some other stuff that other countries are taking cool we've heard leaders led consumers to talk about really walling off the internet within their own country to say hi in me i live in brazil and i have g mail me if i need access my g mail my data automatically will leave for brazil because you will doesn't have any
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data centers in brazil have to go to the nearest data center. but brazil's talking about saying hey you will if you want to do business with us in brazil you have to come to brazil and build these data center so that people's data stays within the country so this could be the future you could see countries were acquiring these tech companies to build out of commission for a country so that they can better upper tacked up protect their citizens' privacy. but there are a lot of concerns what effect this could have on the internet this order will position breaking up of the internet you'll sushi countries in the u a e o warning messages when people are on the internet if their daddy is leaving the country going somewhere that that leaves it vulnerable to two nsa spying so there's alot of all other efforts that you see when a mentally challenging us rolling. yet being that she landed in our neck of the south like these get data centers are an integral part of the internet and the way it works throughout the world. sal lah how can these efforts at this five track of fiber optic
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cable. one of dad mom on the other is that you mention how pretty she is the internet as we know it today. will this be if we are moving from a us entered the unit to a more decentralized global internet that in itself is a fundamental change in the way the internet has worked. if tech companies now have to move their data centers to compete for business in these other countries that are wary that the spike as to require a lot of investment in the lot across the front range with his use of tech companies are doing the business and this kind of fractured of balkan eisner has completely different than the free flowing internet that were used to it that we pack. they could present new opportunities for people to better protect the privacy of their citizens and offers new innovation within other countries and new tech of the startup. we also have some pitfalls as more repressive regimes could use the excuse of walling off their net to spy on their own citizens to censor the internet as well so they can hire brown the us had been promoting a free and open it has been losses resulting from this new revelations of its kind in
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giving these were for authoritarian regimes are told to quit and i can put in more censorship and to see the internets times are changing and i guess we'll see how this plays out banks and very interesting local commentators in fact. now few ukraine where the future is uncertain. the people are deciding on a new government after the ousting of the president a violent uprising resulted in thousands dead and today a very divided country. our teas i like see your chef's he has the latest from tn up eu member states agreed. we don't have any jokes and the same time. debts to pay provided they should support has now been wearing greet me eu member states brain. i'm unemployed and two children often don't get any government help and it's hard to survive each month if we don't have money for us. how can we give it to ukraine andrew bolt the ukraine a country without even
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association the loopy ewe. eu is as is playing with carrots and sticks the busy economic integration which is going to mean anything parts of the ukrainian working population will see a deterioration in the limits of the fantasy about entering europe they are the envy of the state's be lined with gold that's a fantasy because the real project as it is an imf based austerity program with questions about who the ukraine into the future and whether the current rules they together won the miss leah gets did with the quantity that needs to be revamped first. even before the euro my temporal that was that all of a possible people to ukraine in november its external debt reached a hundred and sixty billion euro to one of the main reasons like you've refused to sign the tripod with the eu fearing it could aggravate the situation even more. in november last year you who offered only several hundred million euro to ukraine the legal position out taking the reins the eu is ready to give a whole lot more. actually the new
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members such as greece and spain to no market for flights to spain comes help now. just a taste this idea the western anything new to me and here's the good greasy teach that and then be offered ukraine all the money to purchase the art scene was from kenya. at the heart of the conflict is ukraine's highest to the european union the opposition is pinning their hopes on the year it's come to the rescue. but does the union how the financial capital to secure the country's future. well some are skeptical of that catcher young from the investment consultancy the advisers said the eu is not financially prepared to see the country. this situation does not change monsanto the free trade agreement collapsed. and because it was skewed in favor of the european union secondly because the european union offered to
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ronnie's or eps hundred million euros on the european union's financial situation has not changed. we've got all manner of people the us governing party in the uk all sorts of politicians across europe. mr tusk from neighboring poland is saying that effectively the scum of the impossible the monies to be very lavish with almost the same time. frankly the new ukrainian government athlete is it's objectively and i were on the plane and already asking for thirty five billion dollars laptop from the fifty million dollars to the degree that idea why the president has begun the cove it's just a few months ago with with russia. therefore it's really an immense. the european union goals in all top political capital to stand on rescuing ukrainian from twenty years of economic mismanagement. given the problems in the backyard all the eurozone. that was
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how strictly on the executive director and tv advisors. now onto an uprising against police brutality here in the last and the city of troy new york residents are demanding justice after a clash between police and patrons at a bar. take a look at this surveillance video the house. on. the are you or you can see that several police officers swarming the inside of the bar this evening turning chaotic. you can see several officers for seeing me and through the ground there one of them feeding them and at that time police say they were responding to a nine one one call alerting them of the flight. the bark on but according to the outreach patrons and the owner of the bar that we can see everything there was no problem until the police showed up. that conflict has sparked outrage in
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the community and their alleged racial discrimination and police brutality. barry collect one of the island of bar owners spoke at a safety committee hearing. after the event hundreds of people showed up to voice their support. take a listen. this event is staged clearly showed that mr donnelly did nothing to provoke of he received uh. the road. with night sticks by the police in the building during and after the initial assault mr darling. i can only surprise that these individuals were being beaten because they were expressing outrage at what they were singing and folding. a pair of black activists and concerned citizens wrote a letter to
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the us department of justice demanding a civil rights investigation into the police department. one of the citizens that signed the letter tells rt that an investigation is underway the trip police department denied using excessive force and says they are cooperating with the fbi. still ahead here at artsy it turns out that martin is a lesson there and then at once. science has now claimed that the red planet has a lake with water well this discovery the future trips to live on mars more likely. more and after the parade the moon. i married him going. impartial
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for commentary. only on about. state. once again i've never had that with her daycare. former model. could
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it. if you don't. the price is the only industry specifically mentioned that's because a free and open price is critical to our democracy should out of it. oh well in fact the single greatest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and civic so we can hide change my handphone possible trans national corporations that would profit by destroying our founding fathers on the market and on the show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going i'm going to go beyond a doubt. rational debate no real discussion of critical issues facing america. ready to join the movement. walk
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the beach. i was. you can. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf. and that's why confine my show larry king now right here on rt question
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more. eye for decades people i wondered if life on mars is possible. now we may be closer to an answer why there are an essential component of life as we know it may currently be on the red planet. scientists have been keeping a close eye on mars and captured images that could reveal the presence of water. take a look at the flood us now from nasa's mars reconnaissance orbiter they're bringing a lot of questions of the formations are shaped sort of like being there is the happier and disappeared depending on the season. scientists say this could be pretty convincing proof that there is water there and believe it to the sulfate. great news for the hundreds of people planning on going to mars in the next decade. amar is the one mission is offering one way tickets to the red planet and as you'll see there's plenty of takers. i
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didn't mind because the lady here the judge is going on it's a boy but it didn't go to india. i don't ever buy any furniture. i just find it the board. resourceful. i love going there a layer of buying them again during a league and he is a graduate student at georgia institute of technology and published a paper with the finding is a free fast and it tells about these images and their significance no koreans who were captured by pirates and more to come to school that you are and what you're seeing is the thing you're looking live in the dark streets better for me. when the temperature is going on mars so late in one of the things the more that you can buy. activity. what you
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see yours. the things that are forming and growing when the temps are just like the water liquid water could do more to their forming and growing and they're taking over time. we dined on the president of smart i get it feels like every a year or every other year there is kind of new news about a lot wider being on martyrs go out with the significance of this discovery. you are never nervous silver plume of water mark. and i were were published on the discoverer of one or more of what we are performing at the absolute love of all the people of the post you don't let the water and wash the house to water and mineral people were talking about. some people at the screen with wide on the back. something different to actually hear the water on the surface so much different than that of the diesel the previous one and also the altar happen a lot of use when that day i was actually water more than a caucus of the evidence does not stand up and we listen to what the nature paper we published back in twenty
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eleven so it's been three years now and no one has been able to work on alternative hypothesis to explain the features than the halal in lakewood for now i find that they could drink it the problem we drink it or i would've remembered my soul if the water it's probably result in you. it does so you know what the pure water of life and out of her in probably about the civil service bar so you can out what it's probably gonna be very salty. i am kind so i don't blame you for not wanting to drink it. one after he allowed one of the first man to step on the moon buzz aldrin is on a mission to get the first few men on mars night he was here at a concrete not too long ago i caught up with him. if they're older and i and our house with a hint that the vision and sperm are akin to be at the same. growing permanent settlement of people arrived here in
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knowing that they're going to spend the rest of your life and they've been trained as a team to get to that we were right he said. different achievements. sounds very very ambitious our love for life on mars are inhabiting it can be seen starting a civilization that. i mean when you think of a new discovery of more proof them are easy. how the devil for humans that are pertinent to increase her inside as well go for the crew of human curiosity you would certainly with this discovery and we know that there's the hot water on mars that's been gone awhile now. will i get a celebrity. better to go to mars. nope the surface subsurface ice and how wonderful of what we are performing well in some places you're actually out with the border. so you know how it looks better and brighter for all the buildings planned yet right yes and i didn't mar
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is of wine in michigan. not very ambitious mission within a decade is when they hope to really start getting people on on mars and to start building up that civilization i e do you think that this mission david payne of all of my bag know there's a lot of people there are signing up for these one way tickets and it means they'd be right there in may when come back to her on baby come march and essentially what you think i can do this another sign that this is the use of all of the usable bag chair. i certainly hope so of you know that we haven't been to promote the growth employment with a bit of that back in the new book that she was treated but i threw it all over were able to do both and now i know i have my doubts while. i try to help. you know all the card altered the skeletons of one or two long blocks of land in
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the years. gab well not to see a senate panel creep up on as seen in anything at that time. appreciate you coming on very very interesting developments there that was living under a winter i graduate student at the georgia institute of technology. well i may not be the mega millions but some people may consider the jackpot. the cbs cares team is teaming up with a top or a hospital in your city itself or a sweepstakes the grand prize being a cool enough to be. that's right you can't beat a free google as they enter the cbs cares cause to the sweepstakes you can be are in the auto that's right the lucky winner gets a trance mean new actor for two senior city three nights in a luxury hotel and a free call anasta be. upon arrival to the big apple the extravaganza begins when drinking a laxative. it must be between the ages of forty and seventy nine to be in the running. you have until mid april to answer well after nine eleven there
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isn't a dramatic uptick in government surveillance. a new approach by the department of homeland security would make use of facial an iris recognition technology. the resident laurie heart finesse tells us more. i knew. i ate it. that is not that. the multi modal by a magic solution to play and mortar exit. basically all and once companies that make informal proposals for how they help the government buy into the trap. a solar
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either recognition. at least not lose seven percent of all the people who believe the u s demand for gas. they want to be able to identify based orion well everyone who walks or drives out of the left them on the land borders and a record out. tracking will improve reporting an alice band. favorite katelyn his personality. but here is by far the creepiest part of the proposal. while the technology to quote required when the big board no direct traveler information or physical contact. if possible. in other words they were able to have no might he have a different track. i guess according to a request that an average of twenty two thousand and nine us citizens can walk into an out of the us and again in twelve hour period. only one to be able to officially recognize everything home. one of them should they also want anyone to submit ideas about how to do that remember that the u s technology generic and so
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they can integrate it with all of the others by what they want me to develop it for them. i then go away basically for the us wants to track every single visitor at the end of the us probably without knowing it. not exactly a brand new to me approach. i do that because that kind of world we live in a letter that. in china figure out how to track everyone leaving this country to tone down for over a decade now and then going to spend billions more to keep trying to figure it out. even the government's own accountability office considers the land acquisition programs like this one to be at high risk for abuse always coughing more than they said. the more time in a shed and delivery class and comments so either this initiative makes the us the world's creepiest post for yet another colossal drain of our tax dollars for nothing. either way it hit me
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and crossing the u s border anytime soon. we can smile or something to say hello to all who are watching tonight's the fact that by about eighty and played at the residence and before we go don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now. tonight's again so they cast members of the cbs tv series criminal minds. pierre is a sneak peek of tonight's episode larry asks them about the statement made by the show's previous star mandy packing weekend landy said. both cooling the biggest mistake he's ever made was too unnatural i never thought doing the killing all these women every night every day a week after week year after year he was destructive to my old
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one person now the bishop of the pie little old clothes thank you that way. now as i said to mean that it's the nature of the show and defected real men and women to this job every day out of respect and lie in wait months to them as an actor my job is to portray them as clean and truthfully as possible. no this is the darkness of the show at the bar. now i think it really come under fire for that but i think if people actually watch realize that the show is not the curious the take down these bad guys were non sensational icing more nights you know making it look cool it's it's about these people and it's an alliance hunting down these horrible people that's here again and now nine pm tonight here on rt america ask her out there for now thanks for wanting. time is long i drew and mdm moving
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wing will . god be with us on this edition of news sites wednesday saturday twenty sixth and casting call and she intel camp. lawmakers in ukraine are trying to remove any remnants of their own governments as they were too would anyone want to exclude any influence of the house to present the two again in kobe mother struggling to come to an agreement. last week the lawmakers remain in tna candidates from his post after months of protests against his dad and aunts and


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